A. Welcome to AgenSee Limited Company, a leading brand in the world of Digital Indoor Advertising. We would help you catch up to your customers and allow you to showcase your brand with vibrant static messages or impactful video.

A. As we all know that good visuals and videos can get the best of your attention. So, we do the same with your brand. We place screens at various local eateries, gyms and bawling alley's, where there is abundant traffic for your brand to be highly visible and well known. The screens are operational on all times during your business hours and simultaneously your ads are showing every 6 minutes. The concept is innovative and trending for getting your brand popular in your local community.

A. Get in touch with our account manager to help you out with a strategic media plan for your brand to display the ads.

A. Of course, we have our creative team to help you with your designing requirements. You are welcome to seek full guided assistance from our designing team with your needs at a fraction of cost than what you get in the market. Some of the package do include complimentary design assistance for a limited time period. Do check with our sales executives.

A. We prefer JPEG; however, PNG, and GIF are acceptable too for your design too look picture perfect. For Videos, you can send flv, mp4, Mpeg-4, MWV, and WebM.

A. In order to fit in the full HD screen at best, artwork should be 1920x1080 Aspect Ratio. Feel free to send any aspect ratio you desire so that our designing team can then best assist you with the right dimensions.

A. No, the length of your service agreement starts the day your advertisement is operational.

A. You can change your ads once a month.

A. You can change your Ad location twice a month.

A. Ads are placed/updated (barring any technology challenges) in 24-48 hours if we receive them on a business day. In case, the team has to work on designing your ad, it may take 48 – 36 hours depending on the final creative (to be approved by you).

A. Yes, we have our internal team for video editing and content. However, it does not include shooting any video footage. The raw file is to be provided by the client.